the wealth of being human

Human Wealth™ is a holistic modality with the intention of designing financial systems that help you experience life more fully.

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you at the center

The Human Wealth Modality™ is made up of four phases: Discover Wellbeing, Explore Resources, Design Systems, and Implement Plan.

Our proprietary modality was developed to help you bridge the gap between your subjective experience of life and the resources you have.

By moving through the four phases annually, we can ensure that you are supported by financial systems that are meaningful, sustainable, feasible, and integrable. Allowing you to be present with what’s in front of you.

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the power of subjectivity

Our subjective experience is how we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

Advances in the science of subjective experiencing allow us to capture the real wealth of being human and use that data to design financial systems that support your current lived experience.

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using money as a tool

Money is a means to and end, but if not used skillfully, money can end meaning. Human Wealth™ will help you use your money as a tool to interact with the world in a meaningful way.

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harmony with technology

By leveraging technology we are able to implement financial strategies that are timely and cost-effective. Allowing us more time to focus on designing systems that resonate with your current lived experience.

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professional collaboration

Human Wealth™ is designed to bring all your advisors, attorneys and accountants together, cultivating greater cohesian and synergy in your financial systems.

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embracing change

We are in constant transition, ever-evolving. The Human Wealth Modality™ makes space for the fluidity of existence, recognizing that life is found within movement.

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start your human wealth™ plan

Our intention is to provide you with more ease, so we made it simple to start.

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how to become a human wealth™ practitioner

Human Wealth™ is actively working to create a web platform and certification program to allow other financial professionals to use our modality in their practice.

Starting 2021 we will be launching a Design Partner Program to begin training and collaborating with financial professionals that embody the Human Wealth™ approach. If you are interested in participating in the program, or want to recieve updates on our progress, sign up below.

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