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human wealth™

Human Wealth™ is a four-phase method for designing wellbeing-based financial systems. Our method connects the dots between human emotions, behavior, and finances.

By consistently moving through the four phases, a Human Wealth™ practitioner and client can develop resilient systems that adapt to changing circumstances and internal shifts.

Human Wealth™ sets the tone and creates a safe place for what can be potentially sensitive conversations. By laying a foundation of human connection and relationships above all else, the mechanics of succession planning can be navigated with ease. With family businesses, there is often no distinction between the board room and the dining room. Human Wealth™ embraces those blurred lines.

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wellbeing composition

Our scientists have identified eleven interrelating attributes that contribute to one’s feelings of satisfaction and meaning. Consider these the data streams that inform how we navigate our lives.

The Wellbeing Composition provides deep insight into a client’s motivations, perceptions, and circumstances, all of which play a pivotal role in financial decision-making.

Planning-focused wealth management firm WMBC advises on over $550 million. Within 12 months of rolling out Human Wealth™ to their clients WMBC experienced the following growth:

YOY increase in client acquisition
closing rate
increase in recurring planning fees
Beginning October 2022

Become a Human Wealth™ Practitioner

This is the first opportunity to become a fully-trained Human Wealth™ practitioner, gain access to our product, and experience the powerful transformation Human Wealth™ can deliver to professionals and clients alike.

Only certified practitioners can get access to the Human Wealth™ OS.

Regulation Best Interest

The latest regulatory measures ask advisors to be clear about their intention behind implementing a financial system, and illustrate that they have a sufficient understanding of a client’s life to make the recommendation.

Human Wealth™ OS has made wellbeing-based financial planning the DNA of how we operate, rather than trying to meet requirements with another arbitrary piece of paper.

Considering a client’s best interest is not something we have to do, it is how we design plans that are efficacious and meaningful.

The Impending Succession Cliff

In a recent study by Cerulli Associates, 96% of financial advisors marked the emotional aspects of transferring clients to new advisors as a moderate or major challenge.

Human Wealth™ was developed to account for, and respond to, the client’s emotional landscape; empowering the new advisor with a method to capture a client’s depth of experience in a non-invasive and enjoyable way.

Our Human Wealth™ Practitioner Certification empowers advisors to develop rich and enduring relationships.

planning for a new paradigm

Human Wealth™ Practitioners have access to the following:

Practitioner Certification

20 hours of training including 2-day immersion in Orange County, CA.

Human Wealth™ OS

Full access, beautiful functionality + unlimited Wellbeing Compositions.

Human Wealth™ Aesthetic

Use Human Wealth™ logos, trademarks, messaging and more.

Community + Support

Ask questions, celebrate successes, grow together!

Enrolling Now

Become a Human Wealth™ Practitioner

Schedule a call for more info, questions, or to get signed up for the October 2022 training.