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a person deeply engaged in an art, discipline, or profession

The intention behind our Human Wealth™ Practitioner Certification is to deepen the consultative elements of your advising. Our certification will help you transition your practice to meet the evolving desires of your clients.

practitioner certification

October 1, 2022 will be the first opportunity to become a certified Human Wealth™ practitioner, gain access to Human Wealth™ OS, and experience the powerful transformation our method delivers to professionals and clients alike.


  • In-depth theoretical understanding of wellbeing and the attributes that influence it
  • How to use the wellbeing composition
  • How to skillfully facilitate Human Wealth™ sessions
  • The development of intrapersonal and interpersonal communication skills
  • How to use the attribute flows
  • How to design wellbeing-based financial systems



Can I practice Human Wealth™ without the certification?

No. Only certified Human Wealth practitioners can access Human Wealth OS and facilitate sessions.

Will Human Wealth™ integrate into my current systems?

Yes. Our systems are highly adaptive to fit easily into processes you’ve already put into place. Better yet, the Human Wealth™ OS will enhance what you’re already doing and take your financial planning to an entirely new level.

Our certification program, has entire module dedicated to this topic, in which we will share how other financial firms are already using Human Wealth™ effectively.

How often does Human Wealth™ offer certifications?

Quarterly. We have our first training scheduled for October 2022. We will release dates for upcoming 2023 trainings as soon as they become available.

To be notified about future trainings, click here

Are there any additional fees associated with being a Human Wealth™ practitioner?

No. We are currently offering a special pricing plan* for our foundational members – those who complete the first training with us in October. The certification is a one-time fee of $1500 and the practitioner dues can be paid quarterly ($799) or annually ($2,850).

*This pricing structure is subject to change for future certifications and dues as Human Wealth™ continues to evolve and grow.

How do I charge my clients for Human Wealth™ services?

It’s up to you. We leave it up to our practitioners on how they want to charge for adding Human Wealth™ to their current planning services.

For more information on how advisors are already doing this, please schedule an introductory call.

Practitioner community

Human Wealth™ is here to support both practitioners and clients from beginning to end, top to bottom, and through and through.

We are on a mission to ‘scale deep.’ We’re not interested in growing beyond our capacity to maintain intimate connections with our practitioner community. The strength of our organization is determined by our reciprocity.

We are trading in transactional models of doing business for more relational ways of being.

Research institutions

Our deep ties with the prominent research institutions of the University of Connecticut and Stony Brook University keep us engaged with the top scientists in the fields of psychology, sociology, economics, and computation.

The Human Wealth™ Practitioner Certification was developed in step with the institutions and academics that founded our supporting research to ensure the purity of the concepts and effective transfer of knowledge.

WMBC Financial

With over 50 years of combined experience, WMBC is both a staple and a pioneer in the financial planning industry. WMBC has employed the method and technology of Human Wealth™ in their own firm for over two years now, making them ground zero. 

Everything the WMBC team learned along the way has informed the version of Human Wealth™ we bring to you in the form of the Practitioner Certification and OS. Their knowledge becomes your knowledge, as you learn directly and receive support from the advisors, creators, and active practitioners of Human Wealth™. 

Foundational pricing

Those participating in our first certification on October 1, 2022 will be eligible for the following pricing:



A comprehensive 20-hour training that culminates with a two-day in-person immersion in Orange County, CA.


one-time fee



Get full access to the Human Wealth™ OS, unlimited Wellbeing Compositions, live monthly support calls, and more…


per quarter

Enrolling Now

Become a Human Wealth™ Practitioner

Schedule a call for more info, questions, or to enroll for the October 1, 2022 training.